how much downpayment for a condo


How Much Money Do You Need to Buy a Condo? – Budgeting Money – The biggest factor in determining how much money you need to buy a condo is the location. Condos in downtown Los Angeles, for example, have a median price of $620,000. This means half of all condos are less than $620,000 and half cost more. Condos in the Cleveland, Ohio, area have an average price of $168,544.

How much house can you afford? – Determine your mortgage payment, insurance and taxes along with any condo or homeowners association fees. You’ll also need to have some idea of how much you’ll be paying as a down payment either.

Florida Condominium Mortgage Down Payment Requirements – A conventional mortgage for a condominium in Florida requires the conventional mortgage down payment of 20 percent. While the 20 percent rule is not unique to Florida or to condominiums, it holds pretty firm for this type of property in the Sunshine State.

How Much of a Down Payment Do You Need to Buy a Chicago Condo? – How Much of a Down Payment Do You Need to Buy a Chicago Condo? Saving up for your first home purchase is never easy, especially if you plan to follow the "20 percent rule." In fact, many homebuyers plan their housing budgets on the amount they’ve already set aside to purchase their first home in Chicago.

Should you buy a house or a condo? – This fee can wane on your finances in shaping how much home you can buy. loan would not work to purchase this type of condo unit. single-family homes cost more- At least 3.5% down for a down.

How Much House Can I Afford? – The amount of your savings is a good starting point for determining how much house you could afford. If you have just $20,000 saved for a down payment, the maximum-priced home you could comfortably.

How Much of a Down-Payment Do I Need to Buy a Condo? – Depending upon the lender and other factors, you will probably need somewhere between 3% and 20% down to buy a condo, with 10% being the most common for people with condo loans from conventional lenders. More and More Lenders Are Offering Condo Loans with Reasonable Rates and Down-Payment Requirements.

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3%Down Florida Condo Mortgage Lenders – 2. 2nd Florida condo home loan transactions require a minimum 30% down payment for purchase and 30% equity in the Florida condo for a refinance. Our expanded florida mortgage approvals for condos require no condo questionnaire, no review of the association budget and no approval of the project reserves.

How to know when to buy a condo unit – As I advised readers last week, never rush into buying a condo unit. First consider some common-sense indicators before you buy. Don’t pay much attention to real-estate brokers’ forecasts – or, for.

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