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If you are interested in the Good Neighbor Next Door program, you should talk to your real estate agent about the program. He should be able to show you the HUD homes available for purchase in your neighborhood. Your mortgage lender also can help you to see if you qualify for the program. references: hud good Neighbor Next Door Program. (n.d.).

Called the good Neighbor Next door (gnnd) program is geared to improve the community by building a safer nation. The Process – Qualifications for GNND. The Good Neighbor Next Door has limitations. To qualify, one must be gainfully employed in one of the fields mentioned above.

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Understanding FHA Home Loans .. The CHDAP loan program has some basic qualifications:. Must qualify for an FHA loan; Good Neighbor Next Door. The Good Neighbor Next Door program is the new merged name for the next two categories available to law enforcement officers and teachers. In addition, the program is available to firefighters and.

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 · No. All Good Neighbor Next Door homes in NC are sold “as-is” without any warranty. How does the 50% off work? There will be a second mortgage (silent) note payable to HUD, on a home purchased through the Good Neighbor Next Door program in NC. This second mortgage will be equal to 50% of the list price of the home.

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Neither your spouse nor you may currently own a home or have owned a home within the last year. Also, if you or your spouse have previously obtained a home on GNND Sales Program or under the predecessor programs Officer Next Door/Teacher Next Door, then you ARE NOT eligible.