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From the USAA website, the following people are eligible: Active, retired and honorably separated officers and enlisted personnel of the U.S. military. Officer candidates in commissioning programs (Academy, ROTC, OCS/OTS). Adult children (18+) of USAA members who have or had a USAA auto or property insurance policy.

If you apply for a usaa visa signature credit card account and are approved for a credit limit less than $5,000 you’ll automatically be considered for a Platinum Visa with the same terms and fees.

I qualified and no one in my immediate family has served in the military. Get the scoop. What is USAA? The USAA is thought of as a financial service company for active duty military and veterans, but that’s not really correct. First of all, the name USAA stands for United Services Automobile Association, and it [.]

USAA Credit Cards – Everything You Need To Know (List & Rules & Best Offers) USAA offers a few different credit cards, I thought it would be interesting to have a central place these cards can be discussed and also list of all the cards they offer, the best offers (both current and historically) for each card and also rules and things you.

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USAA Car Insurance Review | U.S. News & World Report – USAA is a clear leader in the auto insurance industry in just about every way, unless you’re a consumer who does not qualify to join USAA due to lack of military affiliation. If you do qualify for a USAA membership, you should at least consider it by talking to USAA.

USAA is also open to family members of people who have USAA membership. Family members include spouses and children, so USAA membership can be passed down from generation to generation. For example, if your grandfather served in the Army, he could be a USAA member.

Who qualifies for USAA car insurance? You don’t need to be in the military to qualify for USAA car insurance, but you will need a connection with the military. Basically, you can qualify if you have ever been in the military or military training or if your parent or spouse has ever had usaa car insurance.

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